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Hiking / Birding

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Hiking / Birding

Both state parks in the area have hiking trails through lush forests of maple, oak, birch and many evergreen trees. Hike along water’s edge at Father Hennepin or climb the observation tower at Kathio and view a spectacular vista. Walk the Soo Line Trail, a newly paved 11 mile path that connects the towns of Isle, Wahkon and Onamia.

You may see any number of the 50 different mammal species while hiking, which include bald eagles, deer, otters, and beaver. In the spring, the forest floor is aflutter with trillium and other wildflowers.Bring your binoculars and see if you can spot any of the 230 different kinds of birds that grace our area. Both parks and the Mille Lacs Wildlife Management Area have bird check lists.


Father Hennepin State Park BirdList:


Kathio State Park BirdList: