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Ice fishing is in full force

This ice season got off to a really slow start with the moody Minnesota weather we had but it is now in full force. The skid shacks are on the ice and the wheel houses are showing up. The ice formed very inconsistently so we are finding anywhere from 12″ – 18″ depending on where you are. There is also a few areas that have a couple inches of slush. We are predicted to get some beautiful weather this weekend so always proceed with caution.

The walleye bite has been good. There was a little bit of a turn off with the recent storm and cold front that pushed in but it is picking back up where it left off and should be a great weekend. They are pushing out very deep during the day time, like 28-33 FOW, and in the morning and evenings we are finding them on shallow rocks in anywhere from 12-18 FOW. The rock to mud transitions are still putting up good numbers too. There has been a tie on what they are liking, one day it could be set lines and then jigging the next. They are liking plain red hooks with fatheads, tip-ups with sucker minnows, and jigging things like venom 360’s, flutter spoons, or rippin’ raps with a minnow head.

The pike have been hanging out in the usual weed beds in the bays. 8-12 FOW right on the weed line is where you will do best. The pike, like the walleye, are also liking both jigging and set lines. We have seen a few reports of giant pike being caught out on the gravel as well. Make sure you have a clear leader on those tip-ups instead of a steel leader and you might end up catching some nice size walleye on there too.