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Just Like Riding A Bike!!

It took us a few days to get the fish dialed in as we just got our live bait back.  Now that we have had a few days to track these fish it should be good to go from here on out.

The walleye fishing has been steady, a lot of fish being caught at every depth. We are still catching them out on the gravel/mud. A few more fish are starting to show up on the shoreline rock points, and  main lake reefs as well. Best baits have been the tried and true leech and bobber out on the bars. Up on the rock points we are having luck with lindy rigging leeches or crawlers.







Bass have been sporadic, Here today, gone tomorrow. We are still managing to find them, but the key is fishing fast, if you’re not catching them, move. The best bait hands down, has been the ned rig. This can change daily, so don’t count out other baits if the ned isn’t putting fish in the boat. Other honorable mentions would be the drop shot and tube jigs.






Another great weekend in the books, and another weekend of limited availability coming  up. Do not hesitate to reserve your spot on a launch and/or guide trip.