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Persistence is paying off!

The fishing has remained consistent. The weather has been feeling a lot like fall. Hopefully this is just a sneak peak, I am sure we have another hot week or two left, before the fall actually arrives. Who knows though, never test mother nature.

Walleye fishing has been dynamite. We are finding fish everywhere with the gravel/mud still holding the upper hand. As we progress into fall the fish will start pushing for the shallow rock reefs and points. Best tactics are still bobber fishing in the evenings, and bottom bouncing in the mornings/afternoons.

We have been catching more and more bass out deep. These fish are definitely bigger than the bass being caught on the shoreline structures.There still doesn’t seem to be much of a pattern to these deep bass, but worth mentioning. If you’re looking the a bigger fish. you could give it a try.  The best baits for bass are still the ned rig, with a few fish coming on the drop shot and tubes. Natural colors have been best, crayfish, leech, perch, etc..

 The northern fishing is certainly getting pretty strong. Guys are trolling the weed edges and picking a few nice ones off here and there, with a few hammer handles mixed in. There hasn’t been too much action with the muskies, but we did hear of one  46″ muskie caught throwing baits across rock reefs in 4-10 feet of water.

Our launch trips and guide trips have been having great success. Word travels fast when the fishing is great, so our books have been filling up. I may sound like a broken  record, but please don’t hesitate to secure your spot.