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Pre-fall feeding frenzy

Its known this time of the year that it can be a little tougher fishing. That has just simply not been the case. Some stellar days are being put together on the water.

Our walleye fishing has been steady. However, these fish are really scattered right now, so it may take a bit to find them. Once you have these fish located it shouldn’t be long until you have a few in the boat. The gravel/mud still hold a slight advantage; with some of the shoreline rocks and points picking up steam. Best methods are still bobber and leech/crawler in the deep areas, and lindy rigging up on the rocks.






Smallmouth bass fishing has been spectacular to say the least! We have a good group of fish located. Keep in mind that just because you caught them there yesterday doesn’t mean you’ll catch them there today. Best baits are still the ned rig. However, we have been catching a few more fish on some minnow profile stick baits.

A few more northern and muskies guys are starting to show up. The northern guys are having ok luck trolling the weedlines. We heard of a 48″ muskie caught on a rock reef, but other than that it’s been slower. Certainly will start seeing more of these fish showing up as we progress into fall.

The nights are beginning to be a little chilly so remember to pack proper clothing when out on our evening trips. Another stellar week on tap, and we anticipate the fishing to only get better.