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The water is warming up, and so is the fishing.

The fish are in a bit of a transitional phase and some could argue its some of the best all around fishing.
The past few weeks the walleyes have been primarily shallow (6-18 feet of water). We are starting to see some of these fish slide off into their summer locations. There are still plenty of walleye to go around hanging out up on your shallow rock structures, but as we progress the gravel bar and mud flat structures will easily out fish your shallow water bite.
The best methods for walleyes are all over the board. You can catch them tossing swim baits up in the shallows (>10FOW), lindy rigging leeches on your rock structures, bottom bouncing your rock or mud flat, or just bobber fishing. The walleye fishing has and will continue to be spectacular. If you’re not catching fish every 15 minutes, try a new spot.
As for bass, they are also in a bit of a transitional phase. We are finding fish spawning, bedded up, and also pre spawn. Makes for quite the unique time of year as you can catch them a number of ways. If bed fishing is your jam, then grab your favorite bed fishing lure and head to your shallow water(drop shot/ned rig). If you like catching them pre spawn grab a jerk bait or a swim bait and head to 4-10 FOW and get to it. The fish are aggressive right now, so you can really cover water. Last week we needed to work those baits nice and slow to get bit, this week it’s another story.
A little side note as we enter the week: we had a rather midge/ fish fly hatch on 5/29/20. Nothing too crazy in terms of size, but a note worth mentioning. The only way this will really effect fishing is if you see bass busting the surface on a calm day. If you see this, grab a top water bait. No better way to catch fish than on a top water.