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Warmer weather, Fishing is better

Our guests are not the only ones reacting to the warming temperatures this past week. The fish have been quite responsive as well. The Tulibee have been showing up all over in deeper water. Small tungsten jigs with spikes or waxes has been what the tulibee have been after.

Some walleye are still out in deeper water, but with the temperatures rising you should expect the bite to pick up in more shallow water. Jigging spoons tipped with a minnow head are still leading the charge. Rattle reels have been producing at night, while tip ups have been also working well for the day bite, we advise putting out multiple presentations, as the walleye have been a little picky. Some days they will hit medium sized suckers, others they prefer a fathead or shiner. Once you figure out what’s working best that day you can really dial in on them. Remember this is the last week for walleye, if you don’t already have plans to fish this week, what are you waiting for, we should be ending the season with a bang!










Ice castle availability:

3 castles Monday-Thursday

2 Sunday night only