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Wrapping up spring habits

Now that we are in mid June a lot of our spring phases are now beginning to wrap up.  A lot of our fish are wrapping up their spawns, and have started to slide out deeper.
The walleyes are still biting excellent with our deeper water bite out producing the shallow water bite. You can still get into some action late at night slip bobbering up on a rock point, or throwing artificial lures during the day. However, the deeper gravel/mud flats are where the best bite has been. More precisely, that last hour and half of sunlight, per usual.
Bass have wrapped up spawn and the amount of fish on beds are declining. A lot of post spawn fish running around, and very few post spawn. The best depths for bass continue to be 4-12′. Best baits are still drop shotting beds if that’s your cup of tea, ned rigs, swimbaits/jerbaits, and tubes if you’re fishing a break.
Water temps are still right around that 66-69 degrees. We’ve had some warm weather, but we have had decent amounts of rain keeping that water temp relatively steady.However, this week looks like it’s going to be warmer, so I anticipate that water to rise a few degrees.
This is some of the best fishing of the year, and arguably no better time to be targeting walleyes. The deep water slip bobber bite is effective, comfortable, and simple. Doesn’t get better than that.
This weekend was also musky opener and it sounds like there was some success out there. The fish were all caught up in shallow water, both over rocks and weed beds. Some are liking the top water action and others are following whatever is tossed in front of them. We hope to see more reports out there.