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Another Great Weekend at McQuoid’s Inn

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Although the weather has been warmer than usual that did not stop the eager ice anglers from coming to MCQuoids inn on Mille Lacs to enjoy the 34th annual Perch Extravaganza hosted by Johnson’s Portside. Again it was a great turnout! Some of McQuoid’s guests said although they did not win they still had a great time and will continue coming every year! Other guests told us they won some great quality door prizes. A Bachelor Party that stayed at McQuoids donated all their prizes to the Bachelor, prizes included a very nice jacket and a depth finder.

This weekend at McQuoids guests included a Bachelor Party, Family Reunion, Business Group, along with our many other guests from near and far.

Upcoming Events:

Saturday & Sunday March 3rd & 4th – Fire On Ice BBQ World Championship at Izaty’s. For more information call Izaty’s at (320) 532-4574.

Saturday March 4th – Golf on Ice at Phil’s Myr Mar. For more information call (218) 678-2629.

March 4th & 5th – Softball on Ice – for more information visit http://garrisonmncom.fatcow.com/?page_id=14

Saturday March 4th – White Cap Inn Perch Pounder & Pig Roast. For more information call 320-676-8861.

Saturday & Sunday March 11th & 12th – NAIFC Ice Fishing Championship hosted by McQuiod’s Inn & Event Center. For more information visit their website http://www.naifc.com or call McQuoid’s Inn at 1-800-862-3535.

Hope to see you soon!