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February 25, 2016. Fishing Report and Upcoming Events

We’ve had some really nice weather this week. Highs have been in the 30’s most days making for some great weather to get out on the ice. Portside’s Perch Extravaganza is coming up this weekend, Saturday Feb. 27th held at Nitti’s Hunter’s Point. One of the biggest events held on the east side of the lake and the weather is supposed to be perfect. Wear your craziest hat for a chance at a prize. Buttons for drawings can be purchased at Johnson’s Portside. Lots of fun and prizes!

March 5th and 6th Appledoorn’s will host the annual Fire and Ice BBQ competition. This is another great event to attended. Teams compete on frozen Mille Lacs for some of the best grilled and BBQ’d food you can find!

You can visit our events page for links to more information on both the upcoming Perch Extravaganza and Fire and Ice.

The fishing has still been good here on Mille Lacs. Angler’s have been getting nice Perch and Tulibee in the deeper South/East side basins during the day. Small spoons have been working best for both of these fish tipped with a wax worm or euro larva. You can still find Walleyes too, look off of deep structure during the day, moving on top to shallower water in the evening and low light. A gold spoon tipped with a minnow head has been successful as have set lines with a shiner or rainbow minnow.