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Welcoming Spring on Mille Lacs.

April is finally here! The days have been a little grey and lack luster lately but, we are headed into warmer weather and sunshine soon! The biggest sign around the lake is the return of the areas many migratory species of birds. Robins and Black birds are The Mille Lacs Area makes Audubon’s list of IBA areas.Trumpeter Swans and Canadian Geese have been back for a week or two now taking advantage of the areas of the lake that are starting to open. Mallards and Mergansers along with Ring Billed and Herring Gulls are all making their way back to the lake for their summer nesting seasons. This is also a great time of year to catch a glimpse of the areas permanent residents like Bald Eagles, Otters, and Whitetail Deer. The lake offers many opportunities for wildlife photography. If you’re one to bring your camera there isn’t a bad time of year for sunsets on Mille Lacs. You might also get lucky and happen upon an antler shed this time of year if you enjoy getting out and hiking on the state land or in the state parks.

Follow the links below for more information on the wildlife in our area and the migratory birds making their way through on the link below. Mille Lacs draws thousands of birds and is a wonderful spot to get out and get some fresh air after a long winter. The state parks offer wildlife viewing areas along with identification lists for the species you might see. Bring your binoculars and your camera!

Be sure to check out our upcoming events, we’ll have a great Swap Meet the last weekend in April. Don’t forget to get your reservations in for summer’s events we are filling up fast!

Mille Lacs Wildlife Viewing Areas

Audubon Minnesota Important Bird Areas